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How Are Terrariums Good For Kids' Growth?

May 23, 2016

How Are Terrariums Good For Kids' Growth?

Terrariums are a great craft for kids because they are fun in all stages of development. Picking out plants, containers and little figurines to go inside can be just as fun as making the terrarium and watching it grow.

Plant terrariums can be valuable educational tools for children, giving them a chance to observe up close how different plants grow and develop. The experience can also give children alike a real appreciation of the tremendous diversity found in nature.

Perhaps just as important, a terrarium can help children feel a sense of ownership and help develop a certain amount of discipline and responsibility. Just as caring for pet, living plants need attention and care.

Benefits of terrariums for kids:

  • Terrariums are relatively inexpensive to put together.
  • The terrarium teaches your children the photosynthesis process and how a mini ecosystem works.
  • Cactus or succulents are relatively maintenance free. 
  • Building Terrariums for kids is an excellent rainy day project.
  • Provide children, especially urban kids, a space in which to appreciate and interact with nature.

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