You've missed us in July. Or maybe not.

A month full of our 'first' in this journey of urban farming 

8th July - MAAD Pyjamas

MAAD market

This was the first time we set up a booth at the flea market and we can say MAAD market is an ideal platform for designers and artists to showcase their creativity. We met a few like-minded individuals and some even say we have the best terrariums around! We were very thankful for those compliments and at the same time we appreciate other artworks by other artists too. Be sure to find us more often at MAAD market. #NotYourUsualFlea

16th July - Adelene's birthday


We went to Bangkok to celebrate my birthday and along the way, we found a cute black bunny from Vanilla Garden and as promised, brought it back to Singapore for our fans. And hence on 19th of July, we launched our first giveaway contest! View contest details

22nd July - Second Terrarium Workshop at Itchy Fingers


We are always delighted to see people believing in our expertise and signing up for our workshop. One thing you must know is that a plant terrarium has lots of health benefits. Hence, it's good to learn the correct way of planting it to place at home or the office. It can be a perfect gift too! During the workshop, it's up to your creativity to design your own pot along with our guidance. You will be surprised how easy is to make and maintain a terrarium. Come and join us in the upcoming workshop!

23rd July - A spontaneous meet-up with the winner!

contest winner 

And yes, we have announced the winner of our first giveaway contest! To our surprise, the winner actually lives near our home studio and hence, we decided to give her the prize right away!

30th July - FAYY Terrarium X WhereTwo


We have came to know about WhereTwo because we are loyal users of this cute couple app called Between. WhereTwo features places to go and activities to do for couples. This collaboration has brought us 6 participants to the terrarium workshop at our home studio. Truly creating bonds through terrarium making. Watch video

To register our upcoming workshop, click here.

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