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Sometime back, we have shared on our Instagram that we are adding a caring tip card to every purchase and it turns out very useful to many of you! However, there are still some of you struggling out there hence, we find that there is a need to explain more in depth so that your plants will last longer (it's quite impossible to squeeze every information on a tiny card isn't it :D)

Caring tip

The caring tips on the card that we have provided are a general rule of thumb of how to take care of your plants. For example, you will need to water the succulents & cacti once a week and using only one teaspoon of water around the plants. But these plants can also survive for a long time without watering! That's why we often say terrariums are very low maintenance.

Look out for signs! Your plants are communicating with you!
overwatered succulent overwatered cactus


Signs: soft black spots on the leaves or stem, turning brown and mushy at its base


1) Reduce the watering and see if the plant responds.

2) If not, you’ll need to behead your plant and propagate the top

underwatered succulent underwatered cactus


Signs: upper leaves are starting to wrinkle and get dry and crispy, looks deflated

Solution: Give it a little drink and see if the leaves firm up in the next day or two. Under-watered plants are much easier to revive then over-watered plants.

ETIOLATED succulent ETIOLATED cactus


Signs: cactus is getting thin and pointy at the top, succulent looks lanky and not as full as before

Solution: Your plants has insufficient sunlight! Move it closer to the light source and rotate it occasionally for even growth.


However, not all dry leaves indicate that they are over-watered or under-watered. It may just be part of their growing stage. As the plant grows it creates new leaves and the older ones die. So, if your succulent has dry, crispy leaves at the bottom of the plant and only at the bottom, you don’t need to worry. This is normal!

If the leaves start to get unsightly or bother you, gently pull them away from the base of the plant and throw them away. Again, dry shriveled leaves like this at the bottom of the succulent are normal. When you remove the leaves, keep your plant potted so you don’t disturb the roots. Only pull off the leaves that come off easily or are totally dead.

dry leaves



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