Circuit Breaker: 10-days Planting Challenge

Wonder what can you do at home besides 'Netflix and chill'?
Complete these challenges and see whether you are a legit succulents lover.

Day 1: Buy 20 succulents from local nurseries who are selling online. #supportlocal

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Day 2: Remove existing soil and pot them into succulent-friendly soil. Water them 1 week after repotting.

Day 3: Take a selfie with your succulents.

Day 4: Choose 3 succulents to do propagation. 2 succulents for leaves propagation and 1 succulent for water propagation.

Image from Little Emerald Thumb

Day 5: Give 2 succulents to your favourite neighbour. Spreading love is crucial in this period of time. You can leave it at their doorstep without close contact.

Day 6: Follow our Instagram @fayyterrarium and hashtag #fayyplantingchallenge of your progress.

Day 7: Choose 5-6 succulents and make a 2D succulents arrangement on your own. You can get your pots & soil here.

Day 8: Arrange a flat lay of all your succulents and take a picture. Tips!

Day 9: Time to water your remaining succulents which are not used to propagate or the 2D succulents arrangement.

Day 10: Check that all your plants are still surviving and broadcast yourself as a legit succulents lover!