Hall of Fame 2017 - Top 6 products

Dear plant lovers,

It has been so long since we last communicated and that's because we were working very hard on creating new & fresh designs for you.

As year 2017 just ended recently, we would like to throwback some of our products which made it to the Hall of Fame. They are not only our first attempts, some of them were first created in Singapore too.

1. Valentine's Day Pamper Her box 
We have collaborated with Naked Reality to come out with the Pamper Her box. It includes a air plant terrarium, sugar cube scrub and a bottle of moscato. The idea was to bring a sweet & romantic experience for all couples.


2. Vertical Gardens
Other than planting in a pot, we also experimented planting on a vertical frame! However, we weren't satisfied with how it was planted and hence we have made some improvements and relaunch it again. This time round we added in dried eucalyptus which we thought it was a brilliant idea as it smelled really good!

3. Floating Forest - Father's Day Special
We were lucky enough to chance upon this double wall glass container and wondered how nice will it be to see a levitating forest? Also, we collaborated with Aly Letters to come out with Father's Day messages hand-written on the glass! 

4. Wedding collection - Because Love Grows
Organised by a.muse projects with the support of The Lo & Behold Group, we had our first wedding showcase.
Along with Chen Sands Photography, Cotton and Sage, I M E H L Y, Once Upon a Table and Poptsie Paper Co, "With Love: A Sunday Wedding Fair" is a showcase of unique and passionate makers bringing you a one-stop shop for all products and services perfect for the modern brides and grooms.
Modern couples nowadays would like to source for unique wedding favours which is why we have helped many couples last year on creating beautiful succulents wedding favours.

5. Frozen Waterfall
After watching tons of videos on incorporating water feature in a terrarium, we decided to try this on our own. This terrarium features a waterfall which has frozen in time. Very mesmerizing isn't it?

6. Star-shaped Christmas Wreaths
While we do have the round ones, we thought that the star-shaped wreaths were one-of-a-kind and definitely a must to be included in our Hall of Fame.

For year 2018, we will continue to improve and create more new & original ideas and we hope that you will love them too. 

Chat soon.


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