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Succulents Pruning & Propagation - Look out for a GIVEAWAY below!

February 28, 2018

Succulents Pruning & Propagation - Look out for a GIVEAWAY below!

Pruning of Succulents

It is important to prune your succulents to maintain their size and shape so they can thrive in a small garden bed or container. So when do you need to prune your plants?

After purchasing probably your first terrarium or succulents arrangement, you may observe some growth in your succulents. This is a good sign. However, it kind of lose the initial design that you had or you felt your plants need more space to grow. So the solution is, you will need to prune your plants! While there are alot of people doing other methods, we find our method is best for beginners.

Signs that your succulents need to good trim:
- Overgrown
- Out-of-shape due to insufficient sunlight

Things you will need:
- Gardening scissors
- A plate (for succulent leaves)

Step 1: Make sure your plants are not watered for a week. In this way, the soil is still dry and so that it's easier to put back your plants later.

Step 2: Take out the plant that needs pruning from the soil.

Step 3: Pluck out the leaves at the bottom which are obviously stretched out away from the top. Put leaves on the plate.

Step 4: Cut the excess stem.

Step 5: The remaining succulent is called a cutting. Place the cutting back to the soil and water accordingly a week after.

Pruning succulents

There is a video by Laura Eubanks which may help to visualise the process.

Propagating Succulents

One of the fun thing about growing succulents is you can grow a new plant without the seeds. Remember you have kept some leaves from Step 3 above? These leaves can grow out tiny babies and you can continue the growing cycle from there.

You don't require any skills for this process. You will need luck because not all leaves will survive and it's not your fault. Propagation has no 100% success rate. We recommend this site for you to learn how to propagate succulents.

So are you excited to experience this process? It's GIVEAWAY time! We had just pruned our succulents this morning and we are left with lots of leaves to giveaway! To get these leaves, follow the steps below.

succulent leaves

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Step 2: Email us your mailing address to

Do this by Friday, 6pm and we will mail out all the leaves next week.

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