We have grown so much in 2016!

We can't express enough how much we are thankful to the people whom we have met in 2016. Be it the people who have purchased from us or the talented people whom we have collaborated with, everyone plays a big part to the success.

Pop-up markets were the first few places where we first met some of you and thereafter met more people in the terrarium workshop.

Events in 2016:
23-24 December: SOTA Makers' Parade
9 December: Markers' Market at Capitol Piazza
2-4 December: Claymore Connect Christmas Market
25-26 November: Sentosa Cove Holiday Market
21 November: POP-UP: Temasek Polytechnic
11-12 November: POP-UP: Artstop @ SCO
3 November: POP-UP: NTU Bazaar
29 October: WORKSHOP: At FAYY home studio
19 October: POP-UP: NTU Bazaar
14 October - POP-UP: MAAD at Red Dot Design Museum
27-28 September - POP-UP: SIM Library Annual E-info Roadshow
17 September - POP-UP: Urban Ventures F1 Edition
12 September - POP-UP: 泰 Fantastic Thai Market
10 September - POP-UP: Makers' Market at Capitol Piazza
26-27 August - POP-UP: Makers' Market X Artists' Night Out
26-27 August - WORKSHOP: Makers' Market X FAYY Terrarium Workshop
13-14 August - POP-UP: The Local People X New Balance Lace Up Art Market
5 August - POP-UP: MAAD at Red Dot Design Museum
30 July - WORKSHOP: WhereTwo X FAYY Terrarium Workshop
22 July - WORKSHOP: Itchy Fingers X FAYY Terrarium Workshop
8 July - POP-UP: MAAD at Red Dot Design Museum
10 June - WORKSHOP: Itchy Fingers X FAYY Terrarium Workshop

We have always wanted to in-cooperate terrariums into your daily life by pairing it with something useful. Your kind comments & feedback has given us motivation to keep coming up with new ideas. And we always believe that everyone should own a piece of greenery in this concrete world ;)

milestoneMoving into 2017, we have planned out a series of events. We hope to have more places for you to purchase from us and we hope to collaborate with more awesome people. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to write to us. We will be greatly appreciated.

Till then, hope you have a fruitful 2017.