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About us

FAYYFAYY is the combination of our name initials - Farid Yan & Adelene Yin.

The start of our planting journey was when we were trying to find some couple activities to do over the weekend and we chanced upon a terrarium workshop. We had a great time and certainly gained some useful skills to our life.

At that point of time, I was on the verge of quitting my full time job as a business development executive. I knew clearly that I couldn't stay in that job any longer but have no idea what to do next. That was when I had this crazy idea to quit my job (without a job) and conduct terrarium workshops in the mean time while I go look for another job. Of course, I couldn't have done this with the support of Farid, now my husband.

We conducted our first terrarium workshop in July 2016 and since then we have conducted a few other workshops and participated in art markets to sell some of our creations. We were thrilled to know that our terrariums were well-received by both the youngsters and the working adults. That had given us confidence to continue with this planting journey.

Org chartJust like any other couple-preneurs, we don't really have a clear structure like who is in charge of certain things, who is supposed to buy this or who is coming out with a plan. But just in case you are curious or are inspired to grab your partner to start a business now, here is a simple breakdown of our job scope.

Moving forward, we believe that everyone should own a piece of green sanctuary in today's concrete world and in turn promotes a greener environment to everyone. We would also love to meet plant-lovers and those who are slowly getting interested. Don't worry, green fingers can be trained :)

Till we chat again.

With love,