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Caring for your plants

Open terrariums / hanging pots

Light: Indirect sunlight or under normal indoor lighting about 30cm away.

Commonly used plants:

CactiCacti are associated with the desert. The desert-dwelling variety of cacti can survive for really long periods of time without rainfall. They get their moisture from dew or mist and store nutrients and moisture in their tissues.
SucculentsThe word “succulent” means “juicy.” Succulent plants have leaves or stems that are filled with juices, the stored water and nutrients that allow the plant to grow. These leaves allow the plant to withstand harsh conditions.
Air plants
Air plantsThere are more than 650 types of air plants that can grow—and thrive—without soil. They use their roots only for attaching themselves to rocks, trees, shrubs, and the ground.

Closed terrariums

Light: Strictly no direct sunlight.
Water: Keep lid closed to create high ambient humidity. Mist water weekly.
Commonly used plants:
MossThese velvety cushions aren’t regular plants; they’re bryophytes, which mean they don’t have regular roots, flowers or seeds. They get their nutrients and moisture directly through their leaves from the air around them.
FittoniaFittonia is a lovely plant with delicately veined, deep green leaves. They are difficult to raise as conventional houseplants; they require very high, constant humidity but cannot stand stagnant conditions.

Bad signs

In most cases, when cacti or succulents has turned black, it is a goner. But if you want to try your luck, cut away the black and brown roots and leave the plant out of its pot to dry. Pause watering for air plants & moss.

Overwatered cactus Overwatered succulents Overwatered air plant Overwatered moss

It is usually to save an underwatered plant than the overwatered ones. Obvious wrinkles will be found on cactus or succulents. Increase the frequency of watering but do not drown them.

Underwatered cactus Underwatered succulents Underwatered air plant  Underwatered moss Underwatered fittonia

Insufficient light
Plants with insufficient light will seem stretching to get more light and causes the plant to go out-of-shape. Try putting the plants near some light. Most likely they won't go back to their original shape but at least it will not worsen.

Insufficient light cactus Insufficient light succulents

Overly exposed to direct sunlight
Discoloration will occur when the plants are under harsh sunlight. Some parts of the plant may get sunburn too. Move the affected plants to a shaded area immediately.

Sunburn cactus Sunburn succulents Sunburn fittonia