Collection & delivery

As most of our products are very delicate, we hope that you can receive your orders as perfect as possible. Hence, here are the guidelines for self-collection and delivery options.

1) FAYY home studio
The place is at Woodlands Drive 60 and the exact address will be given during confirmation. Please let us know the date & time you will be coming and you will need to collect the items within 2 days from the date of purchase. As we need to ensure that your orders are in good condition, a 10% maintenance fee will be imposed on each day for any delays. 
Collection on 3rd day: $10 + 10% = $11
Collection on 4th day: $11 +10% = $12.10
And so forth...
2) Pop-up markets
Please choose a location here and email us at Due to heavy logistics, kindly inform us one day in advance if you are not coming and collect your orders within 2 days at FAYY home studio or other pop-up markets. Any delay from here, the 10% maintenance fee will be imposed as above.
As a form of penalty, we will be putting the items back on sale and no refund will be given if;
a) you fail to inform us one day in advance that you are not coming.
b) orders are not collected 2 hours before the event ends.

All orders will be delivered the next day. We will not be doing any deliveries on our event day. Hence, please refer to our schedule here.

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