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006-009 Miniature Set

  • A herbarium is a collection of preserved plants stored, catalogued, and arranged systematically for study by professionals and amateurs from many walks of life since around 1532.

    The process of making a herbarium is complex - drying of plant specimens, pressing them on sheets of paper and mounting onto a protective case. Delicate plant parts such as flowers can be preserved in spirit. The look of the plants are usually dull and boring.

    Now, we have given herbarium a fresh new look and a viewing pleasure for all. Plants were preserved in their original state and further preserved with mineral oil in a bottle. It gives an aesthetic feel to any location you wish to place it at.

    Each herbarium contains specimens that will naturally vary in colour and size. Your bottle herbarium is truly one of a kind.

    Points earned: 680 points
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  • Content: Plant specimen & mineral oil

    Volume: 125ml each

    Material of bottle: Glass

    Weight: 1 unit
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Category: Herbarium, Vol. 1

Type: Home & Office

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