Black Knight

  • [Shinguru]  ングル

    Shinguru means single in Japanese. This collection of terrariums represent simplicity & zen. Focusing on the growth of the plant and the movement of the soil traces, to plant is to believe in tomorrow.

    Customise it!

    First, choose a style - Wild, Garden or Desert.
    Second, choose a base - Dark, Light, Ceramic or you can just go without it.
    Each base comes with 6 motivational quotes which you can change it according to your mood.

    Size of base:
    Dark & Light: 17cm x 10cm
    Ceramic: 19cm x 12cm

    All our terrariums are handmade and are great decor at home or to put it on your office desk. Each terrarium is carefully crafted to make ample space for plant growth, along with a drainage system to ensure optimal soil & root condition.

    This product plants one tree
  • Scientific name Echeveria ‘Black Knight’
    Genus Echeveria
    Origin Garden origin
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