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Floating Venus

  • The name of this terrarium derives from what we have used in this work. The use of a double-wall glass container gives the illusion that the plant levitates in mid-air. The plant that is specially chosen for this container is Venus Flytrap.

    A carnivorous plant that is native to subtropical wetlands, Venus Flytrap can be kept in a closed or open container. They can survive with just distilled water or feed them small insects if they appear unhealthy.

    Points earned: 750 points
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  • All our terrariums are handmade and are great decor at home or to put it on your office desk. Each terrarium is carefully crafted to make ample space for plant growth, along with a drainage system to ensure optimal soil & root condition.

    Size: 8.4cm x 12.6cm

    Material: Glass

    Weight: 1 unit
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