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Kokedama - Echeveria Taurus

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Kokedama is a ball of soil, covered with moss, on which an ornamental plant grows. The idea has its origins in Japan, where it is a combination of both nearai bonsai and kusamono planting styles. Today, Kokedama is very popular in Japanese gardens.


12cm - 14cm

About the plant:
This kokedama features Echeveria Taurus. Echeveria ‘Taurus’ is a particularly striking cultivar, bearing almost triangular, deep red-green leaves, in compact rosettes. In summer red and yellow flowers appear on tall stems.

All the planters come with drainage holes. The succulents are potted in premium Japanese akadama soil to ensure optimal soil & root condition.

One meal will be donated when you purchase this product.

What's in the bag:
1 x kokedama
1 x caring tips tag
1 x pipette for watering