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Size of the pot:
Big: 17.5cm x 14cm x 8.5cm
Small: 12cm x 10cm x 6cm

About the plant:
  • Big pot: Xerographica has a distinctive aesthetic, even among other air plants. Their beautiful silver leaves curl and spiral around themselves as they grow. This results in a striking and nearly spherical plant, which, thanks to its slow-growing habits, will leave you with stunning living decor that is easy to keep up with.
  • Small pot: The Ionantha Guatemala is a classic and adored air plant. This air plant starts life with a nice healthy green coloring which transitions to a light pink/red hue that continues throughout the bloom cycle.

One meal will be donated when you purchase this product.

What's in the bag:
1 x planter
1 x air plant
1 x caring tips tag